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Poliittisten päättäjien keskuudessa vallitsee nykyisin fanaattinen monikulttuurisuusideologia, joka pyrkii tukahduttamaan kaiken demokraattisen kansalaiskeskustelun maahanmuuttopolitiikasta. Tämä taistolaisuuden kaltainen uskonnollinen hurmoshenkisyys on vallalla myös sanomalehdistössä, joka ei julkaise mitään multikulti-ideologian vastaisia ikäviä tosiasioita. Yksityishenkilöiden ylläpitämät blogit ovat tällä hetkellä ainoa lähde, josta saa totuudenmukaista tietoa Suomessa ja muissa Euroopan maissa harjoitetun maahanmuuttopolitiikan seurauksista.

Toisin kuin Helsingin Sanomissa ja muussa propagandalehdistössä, täällä kerrotaan lukijoille vain tosiasioita. Kannatamme modernia länsimaista sivilisaatiota ja sen parhaita arvoja eli rationaalista ajattelua, tieteellistä tutkimusta, oikeusvaltiota, sananvapautta ja demokratiaa. Tästä syystä vastustamme monikulttuurisuutta, joka nykymenolla muuttaa Euroopan maat Afrikan tai Lähi-idän maiden kaltaisiksi parinkymmenen vuoden sisällä.

perjantaina, joulukuuta 04, 2009

Sotaveteraanit: Tämä ei ole se maa, jonka puolesta taistelimme

Nämä ovat englantilaisia sotaveteraaneja, mutta suomalaisilta sotaveteraaneilta saisi varmaan samanlaisia kommentteja:

Immigration tops the list of complaints.

'People come here, get everything they ask, for free, laughing at our expense,' was a typical observation.

'We old people struggle on pensions, not knowing how to make ends meet. If I had my time again, would we fight as before? Need you ask?'

Many writers are bewildered and overwhelmed by a multicultural Britain that, they say bitterly, they were never consulted about nor feel comfortable with.

'Our country has been given away to foreigners while we, the generation who fought for freedom, are having to sell our homes for care and are being refused medical services because incomers come first.'

Her words may be offensive to many - and rightly so - but Sarah Robinson defiantly states: 'We are affronted by the appearance of Muslim and Sikh costumes on our streets.'

But then political correctness is another thing they take strong issue with, along with politicians generally - 'liars, incompetents and self-aggrandising charlatans' (with the revealing exception of Enoch Powell).

The loss of British sovereignty to the European Union caused almost as much distress. 'Nearly all veterans want Britain to leave the EU,' wrote one.

Frank, a merchant navy sailor, thought of those who gave their lives 'for King and country', only for Britain to become 'an offshore island of a Europe where France and Germany hold sway. Ironic, isn't it?'

As a group, they feel furious at not being able to speak their minds.

They see the lack of debate and the damning of dissenters as racists or Little Englanders as deeply upsetting affronts to freedom of speech.

'Our British culture is draining away at an ever increasing pace,' wrote an ex-Durham Light Infantryman, 'and we are almost forbidden to make any comment.'

A widow from Solihull blamed the Thatcher years 'when we started to lose all our industry and profit became the only aim in life'.

Her husband, a veteran of Dunkirk and Burma, died a disappointed man, believing that his seven years in the Army were wasted.

'It is 18 years since I lost him and as I look around parts of Birmingham today you would never know you were in England,' she wrote.

'He would have hated it. He also disliked the immoral way things are going. I don't think people are really happy now, for all the modern, easy-living conveniences.

'I disagree with same-sex marriages, schoolgirl mothers, rubbish TV programmes, so-called celebrities and, most of all, unlimited immigration.

'I am very unhappy about the way this country is being transformed. I go nowhere after dark. I don't even answer my doorbell then.'

A Desert Rat who battled his way through El Alamein, Sicily, Italy and Greece was in despair.

'This is not the country I fought for. Political correctness, lack of discipline, compensation madness, uncontrolled immigration - the "do-gooders" have a lot to answer for.

Suomalaiset sanomalehdet ja tv-uutistoimitukset ovat valitettavasti täynnä maanpettureita, jotka eivät ikinä julkaisi tällaisia sotaveteraanien mielipiteitä.

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